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Art in Ashes is the latest idea in a memorial industry that has become amazingly creative in recent years. Simply put, Art in Ashes is a new trend in which an artist mixes a tiny amount of cremation remains into a painting or piece of glass art. This trend was first introduce by Memorials.com in 2005, and is an extension of the overall explosion of creativity that has come about in an industry that was once known for its adherence to rigid, formal traditions. (These traditions are still about, and still quite popular by the way, but today they face competition from the newest ideas.)

Cremation art is a new trend that is certainly here to stayIn previous times, casket manufacturers and funeral directors exercised tight control of the memorial industry, and, to preserve their control, they generally adhered to age-old traditions that were simple - almost formulaic - for them to uphold.

With the rise of the internet as a dramatic economic force, however, a myriad of memorial industry competitors have found their way into the market with new ideas such as Art in Ashes. And consumers are responding to the new trends in great numbers.

As the new trends go, Art in Ashes is still a relative infant. Nevertheless, the idea has attracted the curiosity of observers across the United States, and appears poised to follow in the footsteps of cremation jewelry, motorcycle urns, and even specialty caskets, all of which are new ideas that have proven so popular in the last decade that even traditional funeral homes are now routinely offering them.

Like all of its predecessors, Art in Ashes has a tendency to raise eyebrows among traditionalists who may wonder if it is appropriate. The answer to that debate is as varied as the debaters. Like all new trends in the memorial industry, Art in Ashes The idea of combining cremation ashes with art is taking the world by stormis appropriate, if it is right for you. No other measure can be accurate. How best to handle the remains of a loved-one is not one that should (or even can) be dictated by laws or by traditions established by companies out to generate a high profit. It can only be dictated by a person’s, or a family’s choices. And the new trends are proving that Americans are enthusiastically embracing their new memorial choices in this deeply personal industry.

The chances seem strong that, within a few years, the idea of Art in Ashes will be as popular as any of the other newest trends. That is because, like all of the other latest trends,  Art in Ashes makes it possible for families to memorialize their loved ones in a deeply personal way. As opposed to a standard coffin or urn with a more or less generically designed headstone, Art in Ashes allows for expression of the individual traits of a personality. This is an incredibly touching way to remember a loved one, and it seems destined to become an incredibly popular method as well. But, alas, the creative, competitive minds working in the memorial industry today are sure to come up with an even more exciting idea, too.

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