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Art and Ashes is a growing new trend that, in the spring of 2008, earned the distinction of being listed in a Newsweek magazine article about new ideas in the memorial industry. Like all of the other ideas that have come about in recent years (cremation jewelry, diamonds made from cremation ashes, and even sea reefs that double as underwater graveyards in which vacationing divers can visit the ashes of their loved ones) Art and Ashes takes advantage of changes in the memorial industry made possible by the advance of the Internet as a economic force. Thanks to the internet’s growth since the 1990’s, small companies with big ideas have been able to put forth amazingly creative ideas for ways to memorialize a loved one. These types of ideas have probably been around for centuries (at least) but they have been hidden from widespread use by the conservative powers of traditional funeral homes who had long-since established – and then tightly controlled – what Americans (and even the world, in many cases) came to expect from funerals and memorial services. Any new traditions once had to be accepted and then promoted by these forces, which have long been averse to straying from the status quo that had brought them great fortunes over the years.

With the popularity of the Internet, new ideas in memorialization have been able to circumvent the usual memorial channels and sell themselves directly to a curious public. The result is that there is really no longer any such thing as a “traditional” funeral or memorial. Not with services like Art in Ashes available.

In a nutshell, Art in Ashes is a service in which an artist mixes a small portion of cremation ashes into the colors of a lovingly crafted work of art. In most cases Art in Ashes refers to oil paintings but that’s just the start. As the idea grows other works from other artists will surely be available and, even now, Memorials.com - the company that started the idea of Art in Ashes – offers hand blown glass pieces in which the artist mixes cremains into the design as he or she works.

Art in Ashes is so unique that some people may be uncomfortable with the idea at first glance, and that’s why every Art in Ashes piece can be crafted so that no one but the purchaser will know that the art actually contains a small bit of cremains. The piece can be proudly displayed in a collection whose viewers are unaware of the memorial addition, and that is a comfort to many who wish to discreetly memorialize their loved ones.

But, on the other hand, Art in Ashes can be versatile. The artist can work the cremains into the piece so that there is no question to a viewer about what they are and why they are there. This will be of use to those who want to remember a loved one whose personality was on the flamboyant side of things.

Art in Ashes, like all of the new ideas in memorializing a loved one, helps an individual be remembered as just that. Honoring each unique personality and spirit is just what makes the new service so intriguing.

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