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A New Idea Gains Attention

Art in Ashes is a unique idea that, since its beginning in early 2007, has earned attention from across the country. One of the main reasons being that this new concept helps showcase a personality in ways that traditional remembrances simply cannot. Many artists combine cremation ashes into their work, such as an oil painting or glass sculpture or jewelry, which makes for a truly special, and maybe even discreet, memorial celebrations.

The innovation of art in ashes has captured the attention of many across the countryStaff members at the Haywood Area Historical Museum in Northern California were among the first archivists or journalists to discover Art in Ashes on the web. When doing some research in preparation for the museum’s “Days of the Dead” exhibit, an employee went looking on the Internet for the latest ideas from the memorial industry. A few clicks later, she had found Art in Ashes and was intrigued enough to place a call requesting more information. A few weeks later, an Art in Ashes painting became a focal point of the museum’s various displays capturing the past, present and future trends of memorial celebrations. (Art in Ashes was in the “future” section, of course.) This page features some pictures of the museum’s display, which ran for more than three months and drew about 2,000 visitors.

Shortly after the Haywood Area Museum’s display began, a reporter from Newsweek magazine also stumbled upon Art in Ashes while researching her piece titled “Thinking Outside the Urn.” The article appeared in a November, 2007 edition of the magazine, and it listed Art in Ashes alongside a number of other intriguing new memorial ideas that have recently come to the memorial industry market place.

Ashes in art is becoming a noted way of creating a memorial tribute to a loved oneThese bits of national attention have given the Art in Ashes basicly "art with cremation ashes" idea a jumpstart to become a popular seller in the coming months. And, in that, Art in Ashes would join the ranks of many other new surprising new ideas, from underwater reefs that also serve as cemeteries to diamonds created from cremation ashes. 

The memorial industry today is brimming with products and ideas that are destined to become new traditions for the ages, and that is definitely a story that is only just now coming to be recognized by America’s media. These ideas are all by-products of the late 20th century changes that brought about competitive forces to traditional funeral homes and cemeteries that had rules the market for decades. With the new competition came new ideas: no longer are ashes strictly to be kept in staid, stoic urns upon a single family member’s mantel. And, well, there is simply no such thing anymore as a “traditional” funeral or burial. As laws and traditions have broken the grip of “traditional” ideas upon the memorial industry, Art in Ashes seems poised to become a big part of the creative new products that make memorializing a loved one more meaningful all the time.

November 12, 2007

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