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The advent of cremation art - the world’s newest memorial trend - may very well be the reason that cremation is more popular than ever as a memorial tradition. There is a variety of factors, of course, in the steady rise in the number of cremations across the developed world since the mid 20th Century. (Among those are increased concern for environmental issues, increasingly enlightened attitudes toward cremation by clergy, and an overall desire for inexpensive death care.) Cremation art offers families a new way to honor the memory of the dearly departedNevertheless, maybe the most compelling reason people have today for choosing cremation over traditional burial is simply cremation art. With literally hundreds of thousands (at least) of options available for cremation memorials today, cremation art assures that a unique piece is available for just about every personality.

That may help explain why cremation is expected to take place in at least 70 percent of American deaths (and even larger percentages across Europe) by 2015. With easily more than a million memorial options available today for every cremation and cremation urn, cremation art can usually memorialize a life more precisely than, say, a traditional casket and grave marker. Even if you do not select a hand-made, one-of-a-kind cremation art piece (which are often less expensive than one might suppose), there are plenty of choices that assure your cremation art piece can be as unique as, say, your automobile or even a special dress that you’ve purchased from a department store.

By now, you may be assuming that, by cremation art, we mean “cremation urn.” But that is just the start. Cremation art is certainly much more than just an urn. Cremation art can be a piece of jewelry, a statue, a landscaping element, and even a painting with tiny bits of cremation ashes worked into the paint.

Cremation ashes can be combined with art to create a stunning memorialIn addition, if you are interested in a traditional urn, well, you will certainly find a selection of at least 1,000 different styles in even a brief check online. Your first choice will be size: you can elect to place all of the cremation ashes in just one urn or you can place a small portion in small keepsake urns that can be displayed at any number of locations. It is common for families whose loved-ones have asked to be scattered over a special place to keep a small portion in one or more of the very unique keepsake urn designs that are available.

But even after you have decided on the size of your cremation art, you will have plenty of options still available. You will certainly find a piece of cremation art that fits your loved-one’s personality perfectly. A huge variety of specialty pieces is ready for shipping at just about any given time.

So, whether you are seeking the perfectly sculpted urn to match your beloved family member’s personality or taking part in the newest cremation art tradition of ordering a beautiful memorial painting in which your loved ones cremation ashes will be mixed in an modern oil painting, there is truly something for everyone in today’s cremation art.

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