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As society evolves, so have our memorial traditions. Thanks to technology and a spirit of innovation from entrepreneurs who are not afraid to delve into what has, at least at times in history, been the realm of taboo, there are plenty of options available today for memorializing a loved-one in a way that is a perfect fit for his or her personality.

No longer are funerals and other memorial services of the “one-size fits all” variety. In fact, consumer advocates warn against funeral homes that try to sell you a “traditional memorial” today. The use of the term “traditional” can sometimes be just a ploy to convince you to buy a lot of memorial merchandise that you do not really need or what. The truth is, there really is no standard tradition for memorial services today. The sky is the limit, and families shopping for memorials should not feel Art in ashes is a new memorial trend that is quickly becoming a traditionbashful about searching for whatever their desire. And, fortunately, today’s memorial industry is able to accommodate many unorthodox requests – for, often, a surprisingly low price.

Consumers who have been following the industry for several years may already know about some of the most popular of the new memorial traditions: cremation jewelry, specialty urns, and, biodegradable urns. These are all discussed elsewhere on this site alongside the new art-in-ashes idea that seems destined to join the ranks of the most popular new traditions. But those are just some of the newest traditions. Here are some highlights of the other recent ideas that could become steadfast memorial traditions:

A designer in Germany decided recently that the “traditional” look of a funeral casket is well outdated from a number of aspects. So he has created a new line of sleekly designed, biodegradable caskets that he calls, “cocoons.” These new caskets, or burial cocoons, can replace the heavy, cumbersome pieces that may be the last major holdout in memorial industry change. No longer do funerals have to have as their centerpiece the caskets fashioned after the Early American look of fine furniture. These new cocoons with their bright colors and modern, almost aerodynamic, look are sure to become the trendy choice for the decades ahead.

And that is just the start.

There are special cremation vessels for the lastest trend - Underwater CemeteriesTwo United States companies are now experimenting with what amounts to a new type of cemetery: an under water one.

As memorial traditions surrounding cemeteries have changed in recent years to take landscaping more into account and to, in many ways, turn cemeteries into park-like attractions, the idea of building an underwater “Atlantis” has arisen. For about the same price as ground burial, adventurous types can now reserve a spot for their cremation remains in one of two such Atlantis’s that are being planned off the coast of Florida. These elaborate, beautifully designed man-made burial reefs will feature themed sections that will serve the same function as a columbarium in modern cemeteries today. Ashes will rest in these sections, and be on display for any number of visitors who are welcome to dive in and swim by. The developers of these new projects envision that families will take be apt to take occasional diving vacations to visit the “graves” of loved ones resting among the beautiful “cities” of marine life and man-made sculptures.

Well, the list could go on. There are dozens of other new memorial traditions that are sure to be gaining popularity in the coming days. The bottom line: if you want it done as a memorial today, chances are strong that it can be done.

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